Parent Series: Bones

"See, there's this guy, and he's, like, really good at finding stuff." That's all The Finder amounts to as a series, which is why it skipped endangered and went straight to extinct in a matter of months.

It's not as if Bones, the saccharine crime-science procedural from which Finder spun off, is much better, but at least it has likable leads and the anthropology angle usually gives the case of the week a cool "Yeah, Science!" twist. Finder has quite possibly the laziest procedural premise ever, compiling everything that seems to work on the likes of CBS—reclusive lead, hot law enforcement chick, lovable delinquent teen, black guy—into one lame pile.

Geoff Stults is wooden as Walter, the titular finder, who has all of those qualities the networks are convinced we like in a procedural lead: He's eccentric! He's quirky! His sense of humor hides a hidden darkness! Well, with the wrong actor, those all add up to a boring lead, which, on top of a boring premise, is a problem. Good luck finding your next job, Geoff.

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