Parent series: Grey's Anatomy

If a TV show is on the air but no one is around to watch it, does it actually exist? Look, we know someone out there is actually a fan of this Grey's Anatomy spin-off, which finds Kate Walsh's Addison (McDreamy's ex-wife) unleashing her Seattle Grace patented steely glare at a private wellness co-op in Los Angeles, because it's gone on this long, but if our lives depended on actually naming someone we know who watches this show, we'd be in trouble.

In addition to being less than hot in the streets, Practice barely even registers in the larger TV conversation. Save for a multi-episode arc a couple of years ago that dealt with the fallout of Xander from Buffy assaulting cast member KaDee Strickland, you'd be hard pressed to see news about this show pop up on your favorite entertainment site. In fact, we're betting that we just surprised a lot of you with the reminder that this show exists. And yet, season six will premiere this fall.