Director: Sean Anders
Stars: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester, Milo Ventimiglia, Will Forte, Rachel Dratch, Nick Swardson, Vanilla Ice, James Caan, Ciara

Ladies and gentleman, Adam Sandler has officially squandered all of our trust. For years, longtime Sandman fans have clung to the hope that the guy who once kicked proverbial ass in lowbrow comedy gems like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore would make another genuinely funny movie. But as That's My Boy painfully proved, Sandler has completely lost it.

It's not for lack of effort, though. Full of hardcore profanity, That's My Boy is the dirtiest Sandler movie in years, if not of all time, pushing its edges far beyond those of tamer flicks like Jack and Jill and Just Go with It. And in a few raucous scenes, Sandler's latest flick does elicit a few belly laughs, but there are just simply not enough. Most of the time, That's My Boy goes for obvious bits of raunch, resulting in a predictable misfire featuring an overacting Sandler and an underutilized Andy Samberg. Hopefully the latter didn't leave Saturday Night Live to work on more film projects of this caliber.