Attacker: CIA/Various
Date: 638 times

The CIA didn’t actually try to kill Fidel Castro 638 times, but according to the 2006 UK documentary 638 Ways to Kill Castro, they did have a great number of plans to kill the Cuban dictator. That, along with attempts by others, including Cuban exiles, puts the tally of attempts made against Castro’s life at over 600, which is pretty crazy.

Among the plans? The CIA at one point considered taking advantage of Castro’s love of scuba-diving by planting mollusk shells that contained explosives in the ocean when he was underwater, and painting them bright colors so that he would be attracted to them. Then, when he got close enough—boom. Another idea was reportedly planting a diving suit for him that was infected with fungus that would cause a lethal skin disease. They even recruited a former lover of his to murder him, but that didn’t work out because once they were alone, Castro figured out that she intended on shooting him and prompted her to do just that, even offering her his gun. She told him she couldn’t go through with it. Other attempts including poisonous pens, exploding cigars, and bacterial poisons designed to be dissolved in his coffee or tea.

Castro, though no longer in office, remains alive to this day.