Played by: Patrick Swayze and Liam Neeson

As a country boy turned big city cop, Truman Gates (Swayze) tries to get to the bottom of his brother’s murder in Chicago by way of law and order. But his other brother, Briar (Neeson), believes they should take matters into their own hands and engage in a good old fashioned blood feud with the killers and their families. What follows is a culture clash that sees the ways of the old world collide with modern justice in an appropriately cheesy ‘80s action flick.

Before Liam Neeson became a certifiable killer in Taken, his ruthless leanings were already beginning to show here as he became a bigger badass than Swayze throughout the entire picture. In one of the more impressive transformations ever on film, Neeson somehow managed to seamlessly turn himself from a lanky Irishman into a full-blown hick for this part. Meanwhile, Swayze provided the requisite amount of beatdowns and one-liners that we would expect from this type of film. Plus, he brought his famous mullet along for the ride.