The only thing enhanced was the amount of pain he experienced. 29-year-old Adrian Carter claims that Virilis Pro, a supplement used to increase sexual performance, led to a bloody mess during a session in a Houston, TX motel last year. Carter says his penis actually fractured, and that blood squirted all over the sheets, walls and mirror.

Carter was taken to an emergency room, where doctors had to “deglove” his penis, meaning they had to remove skin to mend his urethra because it was "separated completely." After surgery, he was warned that he'd have to urinate with a catheter, and that he may never be able to have children or experience an erection again.

Carter is suing Virilis Pro, and while Dr. Jeff Carney, chief of urology at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, says that a penis can fracture during sex, he had never heard of a drug or supplement putting anyone at a higher risk for that to happen. 

[via NY Daily News]

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