Never be that guy who goes to a strip club and refuses to buy a lap dance, otherwise you might get held the fuck up by an angry stripper. A criminal complaint states that a man visited a East Houston strip club on July 31 and was approached by 23-year-old Kelly Hutchinson for a private dance, which he declined. Later that evening, an unidentified man also asked him if he wanted a dance (not from him), which he also declined. 

The man drove home, but noticed a car pull up to him with its lights off. Out of the vehicle came Hutchinson, armed with a gun and demanding his wallet. The man told her he didn't have it on him, so she searched his pockets and his vehicle. He politely informed Hutchinson that all of her activity was being recorded by a surveillance camera, so she sped off with the man who also approached the victim for a dance at the club.

She was easily identified out of a lineup, and it turns out that she was busted for prostitution back in 2009. These days, strippers are going to get your cash—whether you like it or not.

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[via Daily Mail UK]