Just days after Fox revealed the identity of the ex-Navy SEAL that wrote No Easy Day, the NY Post has just broken the news that the tell-all book might become a movie in the near future. The book, which was recently revealed to have been written by former SEAL Matt Bissonnette working under a pseudonym, details the raid that wound up killing Osama bin Laden in his compound last year.

The site is reporting that Bissonnette has already met with HBO, Dreamworks, and Steven Spielberg to talk about where the project could land. But even though Spielberg is taking meetings with the author, that doesn’t mean that he intends to direct the movie if it gets the green light. He could simply serve as a producer working behind the scenes to get the project in order.

If Spielberg does make this film a reality, it will be competing with director Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, which, again, recounts the mission to kill bin Laden. That movie will be released later this year. 

[via NY Post]