In Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, he noted that the Apple co-founder lived a very carefree and relaxed home life. Unlike other famous billionaires he lived in a reasonably sized home and often left his doors unlocked. The Jobs family may now reconsider leaving its doors unlocked as its been the victim of burglary. 

According to San Jose Mercury News, the Jobs house was burglarized last month, and over "$60,000 worth of 'computer and personal items' were allegedly stolen." There's no word on whether the stolen goods belonged to Steve Jobs. 

Police arrested Kariem McFarlin in his hometown of Alameda last week and is currently holding him in county jail on $500,000 bond. If convicted, McFarlin could face up to eight years in prison. 

The Mercury News reported that "Bay Area cities have seen double-digit jumps in burglaries during the first half of the year." Cops in Palo Alto have attributed the uptick in burglaries to—surprise, surprise—"unlocked doors and windows."

[via San Jose Mercury News]