The original Race Driver: GRID won awards for its high-damage, realistic-feeling, physics-based driving gameplay, and Codemaster confirmed today in a post on the EU PlayStation blog that the sequel will bring more of the same.

"GRID 2 stays true to its predecessor and delivers exceptional handling throughout" using the new TrueFeel Handling System, wrote Codemasters' Community Manager Ben Walker writes.

He confirmed that GRID 2 will feature "automotive icons spanning four decades and three continents," with tracks in "Paris, Abu Dhabi, California Coast, and many more."

Walke also confirmed in the comments that the "jaw-dropping damage" from the first game will return in all its glory, and that the original GRID's lack of splitscreen multiplayer has been addressed. That's great news for anyone with friends.

Check out the game's first full-length trailer and let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.