2K promised free co-op DLC for Spec Ops: The Line before the game even came out (we even mentioned it in our review), and now they've delivered—anyone who owns the game can now download a new 2-player co-op mode, even if you bought it used.

The DLC consists of four new missions set in Dubai after the cataclysmic sandstorm, though 2K's announcement doesn't delve into how the new content fits in with the game's existing narrative.

Each scenario features unique objectives, environments and playable characters, 2K says, with two players having to fight together through waves of enemies to complete their goals.

No word on whether the new mode is splitscreen or online only, though it's out now on PS3, 360 and PC, so why not find out? Did Spec Ops' multiplayer engage you or did you play the campaign through and then leave it on a shelf? Will new co-op missions make you pick it up again? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.