Will the original iPhone become a collector's item in years to come? The jury's still out, but we think so. It's the device that revolutionized the cell phone market. It gave birth to the app market. It helped, along with the iPod, make Apple the most valuable tech company on the planet. Overall, it made us think differently about how phones should operate. But is all that work $10,000? In 2012? 

EBay seller Samsonbible believes so. He or she has an unopened original eight gig iPhone for sale with a starting bid of $10,000. Whoever buys this is doing so solely as an investment as it will be all together useless. It won't be able to run most, if any, current iOS apps as most of them don't work with anything older than iOS 4. And it doesn't have 3G. 

We've seen crazier things for sale on eBay with much crazier prices, so if someone buys this we won't be too shocked. Just sad. 

[via FWD]