Word to Matchbox 20, if it's 3 a.m. and you're lonely, why not engage in a mildly intoxicated race with your new best friend? Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte happened to be at the same party at the XS Nightclub pool in Vegas's Wynn hotel, when a shirtless Prince Harry jumped into the pool (with his jeans on) to mix it up with Lochte and other swimmers.

Somehow, the idea of a race was presented, and battle royale between the two was underway. Lochte won, as he should've, but the real winner is XS Nightclub. They should just start hosting official late night swimming competitions. 

Oh yeah: Do you think Lochte exclaimed "Jeah!" when he won? MC Eiht probably heard it from afar.

[via NY Daily News]