Transformers: Fall of Cybertron begins with the heroic Autobots making their exit from Cybertron, home to the Transformers.  While in space, they are besieged by the evil Decepticons and their ship invaded. Gamers control a voice chip damaged Bumblebee as he makes his way through the ship with guns blazing while he makes repairs and guides players through the controls. This tutorial level is just the gateway to the game, but what follows is a brilliant, amazingly rendered robot-filled trip down memory lane. 

Players then assume the roles of a tested and revered Optimus Prime, hip and fast Jazz, weasly Swindle and powerful Grimlock. This is just to name a few of the many Transformers featured in the title.  The highly detailed graphics bring Cybertron and other landscapes to life with shining metal streets, oozing swamps and smoldering battlefields. Every robot moves with explicit detail and eye-pleasing gloss. Players will get the chance to run into battle, outrun collapsing surroundings and even employ stealth tactics depending on the mission.