Unless you are too cheap to buy a gym membership or you do Zumba at home when no one is looking, your Kinect is probably collecting dust. Madden 13 might give you a reason to dust that joint off and plug the camera back in. The Kinect will allow users to make pre-snap and post-snap commands on both offense and defense. That alone really doesn't mean anything but you can do all of this while also making changes via controller. The double up means users can make eight pre-snap adjustments as opposed to four before the play clock runs out.

If this sounds a bit confusing, don't trip. There are onscreen prompts to let you know when and what to say.  For those who play online, the microphone is muted during this time.

Overall, the enhanced graphics and gameplay make up for the ball drops in Connected Careers. One this is for sure, no one can say this is a Madden 12 reboot.