Have some money to blow? For only $50,000 you can grab an unreleased Nintendo game right now on eBay! The game for sale is Final Fantasy II and fans of the series understand the significance of this actual title.

The Final Fantasy series is unique because the series starts with Final Fantasy I and jumps to Final Fantasy IV. Video game enthusiast Frank Cifaldi is selling his prototype of Final Fantasy II for Nintendo at the Buy It Now price of $50,000. Frank included a detailed description on the eBay auction. Check out this excerpt from the description:

“A pre-production sample cartridge for any video game from this era is rare indeed, but for one to survive for a game that was never actually released is something of a miracle. Having that unreleased game be a part of one of the most important franchises in video game history is basically unheard of.

I have been the proud owner of this cartridge for over nine years now, and as far as I am aware, this is the only legitimate copy of the game that exists. Any other copies you have seen of Final Fantasy II for the NES have been bootlegs, this is the real deal.

It has been stored securely since it was originally purchased in 2003, and until I took the photo for this auction, it had not touched a console since that time.

Frank is open to offers if you can not pay his $50,000 price tag. He has received 45 offers already and shut down 44 of them. So there is still hope if you are trying to impress your friends with some 8-bit greatness. Check out Frank's auction here.

[via Mashable]