20-year-old Joshua Traub was arrested for slapping a woman's butt and then peaking into the woman's bathroom of a Walmart in Owasso, OK. Traub reportedly asked the victim, a female maintenance worker who was collecting trash, if she'd be at the store if he came back later. He got pissed off when she told him she was engaged, allegedly retorting "“Oh, well, good for you." When she walked off, he smacked her rear.

Traub was later found creeping around the women's bathroom, and when his covert mission was uncovered, he fled to the parking lot. He told a driver he was being chased and needed a ride, but when the driver realized be was being chased by an employee, he left Traub to be arrested.

While in custody, he gave police strange answers and also claimed to be suicidal.

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[via NY Daily News]