If there's one thing we'll always remember about the old school Jet Set Radio games on Dreamcast and the original Xbox, it's making inappropriate, vaguely penis-shaped custom graffiti tags. But if there are two things we'll never forget, then the second is definitely the wacky, old school soundtrack.

Now that the game's being updated for XBLA, PSN, PS Vita (oh hell yes) and other systems, the soundtrack is being re-released as well, and it's now available for pre-order.

Unfortunately, the OST release itself won't contain all the songs that the game does due to licensing nonsense. But it will feature all the original songs by Hideki Naganuma, plus two additionals: Richard Jacques' "Everybody Jump Around" and Toronto's "Electric Tooth Brush."

The soundtrack release drops Sept. 18, the same day that the game hits PSN. Are your memories of Jet Set's soundtrack as fond as ours? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Joystiq]