It looked like Nicki Minaj as a judge on American Idol was a done deal. But no, actually it's not, and there's some back room bargaining that's slowing things down and could potentially kill the gig for her.

According to Page Six, Nicki fired Creative Artists Agency about nine months ago. Cool, right? Except CAA represents Ryan Seacrest and a shit ton of the finalists on the show. Basically, they're all up in the American Idol business.

“If she hadn’t fired them last year," explained an insider, "this deal would have been a lot easier."

Now, all the heads involved can't seem to get on the same page and they definitely can't agree that she's the right choice, either.

"There is some heated debate,” said one source. “There are some producers who really want her. Others have been trying to block it.”

Mariah Carey, for one, does not want Minaj involved with the show. She was apparently told that she would be the only female judge, and took the gig contingent upon that stipulation, among others.

We'd say the odds are high that this deal won't get done. But we've wrong before.

[via New York Post]