Despite reports yesterday that claimed Fox was willing to give Marvel back the film rights to the Silver Surfer and Galactus in exchange for an extension of the studio’s rights to a Daredevil movie, Deadline is now reporting that no such deal is going to happen. The site is saying that Fox would rather have its rights for Daredevil revert back to Marvel in October in order to keep both Galactus and Silver Surfer in the fold as the studio is planning to reboot the Fantastic Four with director Josh Trank.

This means that Trank’s Fantastic Four will most likely include the Surfer and Galactus at some point. And if Fox doesn’t get a Daredevil reboot into production by October (very unlikely) the character will then become the property of Marvel again. And we’re sure the House of Ideas would jump at the opportunity to give Daredevil the proper movie treatment. We suggest that the executives steal Fox’s idea and hire Joe Carnahan to direct.

[via Deadline]