A New Hampshire woman made a terrifying discovery beneath her trailer, and yes, it was a body. The living, breathing body of 47-year-old Christian Hobbs, who police say spent two days underneath the trailer sleeping, masturbating and videotaping the woman and her toddler son. The woman says she thought it was an animal, and when she went to investigate, Hobbs revealed himself.

He had built quite the survival space for himself, too: he cut holes in the floor of the trailer for drinks, tissues, PowerBars and other necessities. Authorities say he recorded videos as long as 16 minutes, some of which contained footage of the toddler naked. 

Hobbs confessed to his perverted crimes, saying "I did it, it was me under the trailer." He now faces felony charges of burglary, wiretapping, manufacture of child pornography, prowling, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing and violation of privacy. 

This wasn't the woman's first meeting with Hobbs either—he actually sold her the trailer five months ago.

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[via The Huffington Post]