That's right ladies and gents, 2K Sports has acquired the licensing rights to the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. With the acquisition of Team USA, players are now able to play the matches that many have often fantasized about seeing. The 2012 Team USA versus The Dream Team is, well, a perfect example.

“It’s going to start more arguments," said Michael Jordan, one of the brand ambassadors for the game. "When you stack up all the stats, which in some ways is how the game is going to be viewed and discussed, our stats are going to be a lot better than their stats. So I think it’s going to start more debates.”

With the exception of Scottie Pippen, who's not a member of the NBA Retired Players Assocation, the whole roster of the '92 team will be fully playable. It's time to settle the 'who was the greatest' debate on the digital court. Jay-Z, an executive producer for the game, has also finally convinced Charles Barkley, who was not in the last version of the game, to come to an agreement with 2K Sports, so he could be included in 2K13.

I'd love to see this become a trend across all sports games, and we can have ourselves some real statistic driven debate about who was the best. Speaking of the best, what does Jordan think about the 2012 Teams vs The Dream Team?

“One of the things the 2012 team lacked was size,” Jordan said to“We probably would’ve attacked them from the inside then outside. Our defense would’ve been pretty much solidified with shot blockers and perimeter defensive players. Those guys are much more athletic than maybe we were at that time, but I like to think we were a bit smarter and more well-groomed at playing at that level of basketball. In all honesty, I don’t think we would’ve had any problems with them, even if they think they would’ve given us some difficulties.”

Strong words Mr. Jordan, strong words. 2K13 drops October 2.