In 2007, Chinese-born American Hanjuan Jin had an one way ticket back to China with a laptop full of Motorola's dearest assets. Fortunately for Motorola she was apprehended boarding the plane at Chicago O’Hare Airport. She was caught with tens of millions dollars worth of Motorola trade secrets. Jin received a sentence of four years for her crime.

Lack of evidence prevented the judge from charging Jin for economic espionage. Prosecutors said Jin took a two week trip back to America "in order to steal thousands of critical documents describing iDEN technology, a Motorola invention, before returning to China.” The technology is outdated now according to Jin's lawyers but the iDEN walkie talkie feature could of been beneficial to the Chinese military. Jin was a nine year employee of Motorola at the time and was out on medical leave due to tuberculosis and meningitis. Do people usually travel internationally while on medical leave from work? Jin does not deny taking the files  and stated that she took them to “refresh her knowledge” during her medical leave. 

[via Mashable]

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