This is the type of incident you'd have to see to believe, even though you definitely wouldn't want to see it. A woman in St. Paul, MN, called 911 after witnessing a man performing oral sex on a white dildo while driving a pickup truck in plain sight. He knows something about multi-tasking.

Police pulled 45-year-old Brian Wutschke over and inspected his vehicle. They soon discovered that he had a sex toy tucked under his flannel, and there were several pairs of panties inside of the car, even hanging from the rear view mirror and draped around the gear shift. However, it was a pat-down of Wutschke that proved to be the most horrific.

After checking his waistline, they noticed that he was, well, "vibrating." Wutschke told police that he had placed a sex toy inside of himself, and they drove him to jail while listening to the peaceful hum of the toy against the seats of their vehicle. Even after removing it from him, they refused to turn it off, preferring to just "let the batteries run out" as police watch commander Eric Anderson said.

Wutschke was booked on charges of suspicion of indecent exposure and obscene materials and performance. Hopefully, he'll never get the opportunity to perform again.

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[via TwinCities]