With all of the recent casting news coming out for the upcoming Dwight Schrute spin-off of The Office – tentatively titled The Farm –  many fans were wondering if Cousin Mose (Mike Schur) would be returning for the series as well. Now TV Line has confirmed that Schur is indeed set to reprise his part on the show, although there isn’t word yet on how frequently he’ll appear.

As a producer on both Parks and Recreation and The Office, Schur has openly admitted that he doesn’t enjoy acting, and in a recent interview with the site about his role in the spin-off, he said, “That would be the best case scenario, I think. If Mose was in a horrible tractor accident, and he was chopped up into little pieces so that there was no way he could come back… I’d be really psyched.”

Despite his aversion to appearing in front of the camera, the site is still saying that Schur will indeed be on the show in some capacity. It’s just not certain how big of a part he will have.

[via TV Line]

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