First off, don't try and rob a casino. Though it way seem like it'd be profitable, it's a you won't get rich, you'll just die trying type of crime. It's also incredibly stupid. Speaking of stupid, meet Michael Belton. The 24-year-old tried to rob the Bellagio in Vegas last May by pepper spraying the dealer and other gamblers in the high-stakes area, then grabbing as many chips as possible and fleeing on foot.

He managed to grab $115,000 worth of chips, but didn't get far. He was tackled and arrested almost immediately. Seems like he didn't spend enough time plotting an escape when planning the heist:

The plan called for the pair to high-tail it out of the casino — apparently ignoring all the witnesses there — and rendezvous at a Mandalay Bay hotel room, where they would hand off the chips to a third accomplice. The third man would claim to be a high roller and exchange the stolen chips for cash; the men would then split the money three ways, the report said.

Even Belton would later admit that he is an idiot. Few would contest that, and he's lucky that his head didn't end up in a vice grip.

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[via Gawker]