31-year-old Casey Dickerson has been accused of leading the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl on a Carnival Cruise ship headed to the Bahamas. Dickerson, a Casselberry, FL, native who was vacationing with his wife, says he bought alcohol for the teens, but denies taking part in the rape.

Dickerson and his wife were reportedly given a second room after filing a noise complaint, but kept their first room. Dickerson allegedly used the first cabin to host an underage drinking party for four 15-year-old boys, the victim, and her 15-year-old friend. 

The victim says Dickerson and the other boys sexually assaulted her while her friend was restrained inside the bathroom. The boys told authorities that Dickerson encouraged their behavior, and that the girl was so drunk that she was essentially helpless. 

Dickerson admitted to sleeping with other women on the cruise, but denied that the victim was one of them. He was charged with sexual assault; however, none of the boys have been charged yet.

Dickerson will remain in jail until the trial begins. Apparently, he still had fun during the trip, saying "the cruise was great itself." Wow.

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[via NY Daily News]