A handful of Russian activists are extremely upset with Madonna—so upset, in fact, that they are suing the pop star for a reported $10.5 million. While that type of money isn't anything to scoff at, perhaps the reason why they are suing is: Madonna allegedly  asked her fans to raise their hands in support of LGTB community during an August 9 concert, according to local sources. While something of this nature isn't out of the ordinary stateside, apparently it's illegal to promote homosexuality to minors in St. Petersburg, where the event took place. Fans in attendance were as young as 12 years old.

In total, nine activists took offense to Madonna's message and filed suit, to the tune of eight figures. Whether or not they will get the full amount remains to be seen. Still, Madonna has to shell out big bucks in lawyer fees to get this resolved. 

[via E!]