Katy Perry is trying to get her lawyers to issue a gag order on her ex-husband Russell Brand so he'll shut the f*ck up about her. Forever.

Seems Brand can't keep quiet about his time being married to Perry, and it's pissing her off. And it's not even that he's saying anything bad— quite the contrary— just that whatever he says gets touted in the press and it becomes an endless cycle of news about their failed marriage that just won't go away. She's trying to move and the media cycle won't let her.

"Katy is fed up with Russell constantly making reference to their marriage in interviews," says a source. "While it's mainly harmless and often even complimentary, she's sick to death of his comments being splashed all over the news and magazines."

An interview with Howard Stern last month was reportedly the straw that broke the camel's back.

"'She called lawyers and told them to put a gagging order on Russ to prevent him from speaking to her in public again," says the source. "Katy vowed never to reveal the ins and outs of their marriage break down or speak about Russell in any way. All she wants is the same in return."

[via Daily Mail]