While the case file of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce is under lock and key in a courthouse forever, details are emerging about what the pair settled on. And they're not pretty.

Holmes is said to be getting no spousal support and almost nothing of the $250 million Tom is worth. "Why?" you ask. Well, largely because of that magical thing called a prenuptial agreement.

But it's not like Katie's getting completely zero out of the situation. She gets peace of mind— that's super valuable— and she'll also get $4.8 million in child support for Suri over the next 12 years. It breaks down to $400,000 a year, until she turns 18, basically.

Cruise also has to pay Suri's expenses like health, dental and tuition costs, and she's prohibited from attending any Scientology schools or anything like that.

But $400k is a drop in the bucket for Tom. This was a pretty clean split.

[via Huffington Post]