This is bizarre, even by Japan's standards. 

Japanese toilet-manufacturer TOTO released their model for a "poop-powered" motorbike on Wednesday, which is being touted as the world's first waste-powered vehicle. TOTO claims that the bike can run 180 miles on a full tank. However, a spokesman stated that product will run on animal wastes, not human waste (so there's no need for "double-tasking"). 

The company has no plans for commercializing the vehicle, which is fortunate given it's impractical design of a toilet for a seat. The goal in demonstrating the product is apparently to "raise awareness" of TOTO's "environmentally-friendly products, such as water-saving showerheads and water-saving toilets." 

A poop-powered motorbike seems like a bit of a leap from a water-saving showerhead, though, don't you think? 

[via Yahoo! News]

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