24-year-old Justin A. Clark of North Liberty, IA was arrested for DUI after he tried to drive his car with a blood alcohol content level of .627. For the record, that's twice what it takes to kill someone. Red Barn Drive residents called 911 after seeing Clark's 2007 Toyota Yaris swerving "all over the road." When police asked him what day it was, he replied "three but now it is four."

Clark couldn't even get out of the car on his own, walk or perform any roadside tests. When asked where he was, he replied "home." He was nowhere remotely close to his home. Death can happen at any point from .30 to .39, so .627 could kill even the most experienced drinkers.

Clark is lucky to be alive. Will he be that lucky in court? He'll find out next month.

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[via Daily Mail UK]