Intel Corporation and W Hotels Worldwide recently launched "Four Stories," an international screenwriting competition curated by Hollywood staple, writer/director Roman Coppola and his production company, The Directors Bureau. From now until August 30th, aspiring filmmakers can submit their original screenplays to Intel's "Four Stories" website for the chance to get their movie made. The only catch is that the script must incorporate Intel's newest computer the Ultrabook and the W Hotel in some way.

Out of all the submissions, only three scripts will be chosen by the elite panel of judges that includes, but is not limited to, Coppola, actress Chloe Sevigny, actor Michael Pitt and William Morris Endeavor agent Danny Gabai. Those three choices will be turned into ten-minute shorts by The Directors Bureau, while the fourth story will be written and directed by Coppola. 

Complex got the chance to speak to Coppola at the "Four Stories" launch party in New York last week about his involvement in the project, what he'll be looking for in the submissions and what stories influences his own work. 

As told to Tara Aquino (@t_akino)

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On how he got involved with "Four Stories":

Roman Coppola: I was invited to participate. I’ve done a lot of videos and a lot of commercials and people always say, “Hey, do you want to do a project with this or that?” If it sparks my curiosity and I could be like, “Hey that’d be an interesting way to spend my time," I’d get attracted to doing it.

When this came along, I felt the notion that I could maybe be introduced to some exciting young talent, and there are a lot of colleagues on the jury that I admire. I just sort of accepted ["Four Stories"] as a point of curiosity and I figured it’ll bring something interesting to my life.

On the stories he would be drawn to tell:

I feel like that’s the job of the writer. They should ask themselves what stories they want to tell. My wish is that the writers really draw from their own well-spring of creativity and be true to who they are. Sometimes when you try to find your way, you make work that feels forced out of what you think you should do. But my request is that people shouldn’t have to do anything except what really appeals to them.

I hope people take that to heart and have a certain daring and really make something only they can do. This is a democratic thing, so anyone who submits has an equal chance to have their work be seen. I hope people really try to surprise and make something really striking. Also, it can be very personal. It doesn’t have to be silly or broad; I just hope that it’s unique.

On what influences his own work:

I’m just like any person, I’m drawn to certain things that inspire me. It’s a mixed bag of stuff. When I was a kid, movies like Wizard of Oz and Yellow Submarine were really exciting. Seeing Fellini movies for the first time, like 8 ½ and La Dolce Vita, really blew my mind. I’m a big fan of Woody Allen. Stardust Memories is one of my all-time favorite movies. There are many filmmakers that I admire. I tend to appreciate things that are playful, a little unusual and a little left of center.

On his partnership with Intel and W Hotel:

I think it’s pretty cool that there are these big companies that value creativity, younger people and emerging artists, and I think that’s one of the reasons I was attracted to it. It’s fun to participate in something that has a chance to really support or discover new talent. Obviously, a contest of this type needs a sponsor, so they seem like a good group of sponsors.

As told to Tara Aquino (@t_akino)

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