The owner of a clothing store in India told news sources that before his store opened, he had no idea that the name would be so upsetting to so many. Nevertheless, he learned a valuable lesson: people generally respond negatively to the name "Adolf Hitler." 

Rajesh Shah's obliviousness is apparent in his store's name, "Hitler," which is posted up in lights on the storefront, with a swastika dotting the "i." Shah said that he only knew the name as a nickname for his business partner's strict grandfather, and he had "only recently read about Hitler on the Internet." Shah also said that the store name will only be changed if he receives compensation, as he cannot afford to do so on his own. 

Come on, now. The guy knew the name "Adolf Hitler," and he knew Hitler was associated with the swastika, but he didn't know Hitler had killed millions of people? Is he serious?