If you were worried American Horror Story might hit a sophomore slump when its second season rolls around, here's something that might quell your fears (or cause some): The first teaser for season two, just released by FX. It's not much, but it definitely illustrates that we shouldn't expect anything less than creepy from the new episodes. 

The season, appropriately titled Asylum, won't be too big on the ghosts like the first season was, but in Casper's absence will be tons of deranged, crazy people - it will take place in an institution for the crimnally insane that's run by a nun, who is portrayed by non other than bona fide badass Jessica Lange. It's probably safe to assume that's her in the teaser disposing of buckets of body parts in the woods. Like we said, creepy.

You can check out the teaser above. Who's excited for next season?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]