How important is the Nexus 7 tablet to Google? As important as the company's search division, apparently. 

If you visit, you will see a banner ad for the newly-released tablet. It's not obtrusive or annoying like most banner ads, but when imposed against the stark simplicity of Google's homepage, it's a glaring addition. Above the image is a line of text that reads: "The playground is open. The $199 tablet from Google."

As CNET points out, this isn't the first time Google's added an advertisement to its homepage. When the G1 was released on T-Mobile, it added a short line of text below the search bar that read "New! The G1 is available now." It did the same when the Motorola Droid became available from Verizon in 2009. And again when the Nexus One was available for purchase. 

[via CNET]