Over 100 human organs were found inside of soda cups and plastic containers in a Pensacola, FL, storage unit owned by a former medical examiner. The unit, which was owned by Dr. Michael Berkland, is said to have contained tissue samples and up to 10 brains. A man who purchased the unit at an auction last week knew something was wrong when he took a whiff of his new unit. Police later discovered formaldehyde leaking from a 32 oz. cup, and opened it only to discover a human heart.

Medical professionals in the area believe that the remains are from private autopsies that Berkland conducted at funeral homes between 1997 and 2007. Berkland previously worked at a medical examiner's office from 1997 to 2003, but was fired for failing to complete autopsy reports. He also lost his job as a contract medical examiner in Jackson County, MO, in 1996 over a dispute about his autopsy reports.

Berkland has not been charged, as officials are trying to figure whether or not he broke any laws for storing and disposing of human remains, as well as biomedical waste. How can he possibly justify his actions?

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[via Daily Mail UK]