60-year-old Florida Keys resident Steven Andrews was ridin' dirty with a third of a pound of weed in his backpack, and when police searched the bag and found the goods after he told them they could, he had the nerve to be surprised that they actually searched. 

Andrews was pulled over for erratic driving, and after noticing the very distinct smell of marijuana, asked if they could search his van. Andrews swore there was no weed in the van and allowed officers to search it, but they called his bluff and found plastic bags containing 163 grams of weed. 

He was so shocked, that he exclaimed "I can't believe you checked! Cops always ask to check and then never do." He asked the police to do him a solid and throw out the weed so he wouldn't lose his job. They helped him out, alright—they arrested him for felony drug possession. 

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[via Miami New Times]

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