FinFisher is a unique spyware developed by U.K.-based Gamma Group. The spyware has the capability to monitor e-mail, voice calls, and text messages. It can also track your location and record from your device's microphone. FinFisher was being marketed to law enforcement and government agencies. Gamma confirmed this week that a demonstration copy of the spyware was stolen.

FinSpy, the mobile version of FinFisher has various ways to infect your device: visiting a web site,  attached within downloaded files, or through a text message disguised as a "system update". The spyware was designed to infect Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices. A brochure from Gamma reads: “When FinSpy Mobile is installed on a mobile phone it can be remotely controlled and monitored no matter where in the world the Target is located.”

Microsoft and Blackberry released statements warning their customers to avoid clicking on suspicious links and only download from trusted sources. Apple and Google have declined to comment on the spyware leak.

[via BGR]