Final Fantasy VII fans were leaping out of their dark blue jumpsuits with excitement last night when the PC port of the classic RPG was released a tad early, but their excitement quickly diminished when they realized the game they had just purchased didn't actually work. Apparently it failed to pass Square Enix's DRM check.

Sure enough, the official site currently says "Coming soon." No matter, as the game will no doubt be released soon and the servers will be available by then. But in the meantime, we've learned how much the FFVII port will probably cost: a nice, round $12.70. That's how much early-early adopters got it for, at least.

No, it's not the Final Fantasy VII remake that ya'll have been clamoring for for the last decade, but maybe you can mod it, eh? Are you planning on picking it up? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

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