The oldest registered user on Facebook was born when William H. Taft was in office. Off the top of your head that might not seem like much but if you was to rummage through your fourth grade history notes you would see that Taft was in office from 1909 to 1913. Florence Detlor of Menlo Park, CA is the oldest registered user of Facebook at 101 years old. According to her Facebook timeline, Detlor was born in 1911, graduated from high school in 1928, and completed college in 1932. 

Detlor has been on Facebook for nearly two years now and recently had an opportunity to meet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg and COO Sheryl Sandberg. The unique one-out-of-a-billion Facebook user received a VIP tour of Facebook's headquarters which is only 4.5 miles from her home. Sandberg posted a photo of her visit with Zuckerburg and Deltor became a social media superstar overnight receiving over 1,500 friend requests. 

The social media centenarian had great things to say about CEO Mark Zuckerburg: "He was very pleasant, but he wasn't looking for anybody to appreciate him. He was good enough within himself"

[via CNET]

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