Anyone who frequents the Pop Culture channel here on Complex should be well aware of a basic fact: We take our horror flicks very seriously. So trust us when we say that Sinister, the new supernatural chiller from director Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) is the real deal.

Having seen it recently, we can assure you, dear readers, that the film, which stars Ethan Hawke, is more than this year’s Insidious, a comparison that will no doubt be used quite a bit come October, when Sinister opens. In our opinion, it’s more disturbing. Hawke plays a struggling crime writer who moves his family to a suburban home that previously served as the location for a gruesome multiple homicide; while researching the case, Hawke’s character finds a box of mysterious videotapes, and what happens after that is, to put it delicately, intensely messed up.

To help drum up the first round of anticipation, the Sinister team has blessed us with a pair of exclusive new images from the film, which you can check out above. Note the second, bloodier one, in particular.

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