If all the rumors and reports are true, Apple will hold a press conference early next month and announce not one, but two products that will heavily impact not just its quarter earnings, but the consumer electronics market as a whole: the next iPhone, and a smaller iPad. Seeing as how the iPhone hasn't had a true refresh in a long while, folks are more interested in gossiping about the next Apple smartphone. 

However, there are nearly as many rumors floating around about Apple's answer to the Amazon Kindle Fire and the newly announced Google Nexus 7 tablet. Both tablets are smaller and less powerful than Apple's, and both, according to analysts, have the best chance at ending Apple's dominance over the tablet industry. 

To hedge its bets and make sure its stays king of the hill, reports have Apple planning to release a smaller version of the iPad sometime before 2013. We've gone through all the reports and rumors and pared the info down to give you everything you need to know about Apple's next tablet device.