You would think the folks at Moleskine, one of our favorite notebook brands, would throw shade towards Evernote, our favorite note-taking app, being that it's latter's job is to make the former obsolete. But you'd be wrong. The two companies have found a middle ground; a way for both of their consumers to enjoy the best of the digital and physical worlds. 

Evernote Smart Notebooks by Moleskine is a new line of notebooks that use a special kind of paper that allows users digitize their notes by taking a picture of the pages using the Evernote app. When the page is photographed, it's turned into a file and stored on Evernote's cloud servers where it will be accessible on any Internet-connected device. 

The notebooks are available for pre-order now on the Moleskine website. Small notebooks are $25, large versions are $30. Each Smart Notebook comes with a three-month subscription to Evernote Premium. 

[via Gizmodo]