Just a few days ago, Seth Horvitz of Northeast D.C. ordered a brand new high-definition television from Amazon.com through a third-party. Yesterday, the package arrived, only the box didn't contain a television. It stored a gun. A massive gun.

Instead of a TV, Horvitz was shipped a Sig Sauer SIG716 semi-automatic assault rifle, which is described by the manufacturer as "the rifle of choice when you require the power of a larger caliber carbine." Kind of reminds you of Samuel L. Jackson's AK-47 rant at the beginning of Jackie Brown, minus the humor.

Neither Horvitz nor his wife, Seeta, were home when the package arrived. So, basically, there was this box, nearly three-feet long and weighing almost 8 pounds, just sitting in the hallway outside their apartment. Because that didn't look suspicious. They called the cops when they realized their TV was a gun, and police confiscated the $2,132 weapon. 

As of now, Amazon has offered no comment on how they will right this wrong, or how it even happened.

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[via DCist]