51-year-old Crocs co-founder George Boedecker was arrested and charged for DUI on Sunday after he was found passed out in his Porsche. Rather than take the blame, he tried to pin responsibility on someone elseTaylor Swift. Claiming that Swift was his girlfriend, Boedecker told police that she was driving the vehicle, but fled to "Nashville." 

In case police were unaware of who Taylor Swift was, Boedecker made sure to explain that she's "a really fucking famous singer," but "batshit crazy." Projecting much? Anyway, he directed his tirade towards the officers, telling them to "go fuck yourselves in the ass." He even played the victim role, saying he couldn't believe how he was being treated " after all he had done for this city."

The sob story didn't work, and he was taken to Boulder County jail. We doubt the authorities have any sympathy for the man partially responsible for Crocs. We sure don't.

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[via Gawker]