The past couple of months have been rough for Facebook. The social network may have a courtroom battle in the Far East for accusations of stealing the timeline feature. Chinese social network claims that they launched the timeline feature in February of 2008 and Facebook has infringed on intellectual property. CEO Xiong Wanli says he has video evidence to support the accusations. Wanli held a Stanford-based lecture where his timeline feature was a topic of discussion. Guess who Wanli says  was in attendance at the lecture, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The video has yet to surface and it seems weird the length of time has taken to bring their accusations to the table. Facebook first launched the timeline feature back in October of 2011. is not a popular social network in China, globally it is ranked 3,500 compared to Facebook which is number 2. Only time will tell how this pans out, another lawsuit is the last thing Facebook needs while dealing with their stock taking a roller coaster dive in value. 

[via TheNextWeb]