Outside of their cult followings and groundbreaking premises, it’s hard to find much common ground between Breaking Bad and Seinfeld. But a video provided by Bullett Media shows us just how many stars of AMC’s meth-obsessed drama appeared on Seinfeld as guest stars over the years. Most fans of both shows would instantly remember that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston had a part on Seinfeld as Tim Whatley, but it’s the others that might come as a surprise.

Anna Gunn, Bob Odenkirk, Nigel Gibbs, Larry Hankin, Mark Harelik, and Jessica Hecht all lent their comedic talents to the sitcom about nothing before getting down and dirty on Breaking Bad. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Could we see George Costanza show up in the series finale fiending for some meth? Let’s hope so.

[via Bullett Media]