Bonnie and Clyde, they ain't. 

After the criminal duo of Ronald Baker and Pebbles Pless (her parents must have been big Flintstones fans) allegedly broke into the home of a Staten Island family and robbed them at gunpoint, they were left in a bit of a pickle: They had no getaway car. One of the victims suggested that the thieves call a local taxi company to have a car pick them up, and, for some reason, they did just that. 

Baker and Pless had a taxi pick them up at the family's home once they were finished ransacking the house for valuables. The family, beaten and bruised from the thieves' assault, were able to free themselves once the incompetent criminals had fled, and contacted the police who were able to track the cab through the taxi dispatcher. 

For what it's worth, the look on the robbers' faces when they realized they would have to use a cab as a getaway car must have been priceless. 

[via CBS New York