Although this year has been disappointing for sci-fi fans with the somewhat underwhelming debut of Prometheus and the complete failure of Total Recall, there is still hope that director Rian Johnson's Looper will make the genre proud. In the movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a hitman for the mob that is contracted to kill targets that are sent backwards in time. The only problem is that one of his assignments just happens to be a future version of himself, who is played by Bruce Willis.

There is no doubt that the concept is completely original, and the first clip from the movie shows off the fascinating dynamic between Gordon-Levitt and Willis. As Gordon-Levitt tries to desperately find out more about himself from the future, Willis simply wants to escape because he knows himself and knows the danger that he is in. Hopefully the whole movie lives up to the intensity in this footage. 

Looper will hit theaters on September 28.

[via Yahoo]